Take Your Vacation in Henderson, Nevada

Like many people, you probably enjoy taking your annual vacation and you want someplace that is not only going to offer you plenty to do, it is going to be comfortable as well. When making your choice, don’t overlook the possibility of Henderson as a vacation location. You might be surprised with just how much the city has to offer.

Admittedly, most people who look to take a vacation in Nevada are going to look to Las Vegas. It is widely advertised and as the saying goes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. You don’t need to look very far outside of the city, however, to see that there is someplace else that is worthy of your consideration. Henderson offers some quality casino resorts so that you can have some fun but they do it in a way that you will appreciate.

There is no doubt that Las Vegas is sometimes a dangerous place to visit, but the same is not true in Henderson. As a matter of fact, it was ranked by several top resources as one of the safest places within the United States! In other words, you can enjoy the same things that you would find in Vegas but you are doing it only 16 miles to the south. Of course, with such proximity to the city, you can always go in and catch a show or enjoy some of what it has to offer as well.

It is not necessary to visit Vegas to have a great vacation. In fact, there are some rather interesting things to do in Henderson so it is never necessary to leave the city. One of the things that you may want to consider is going for a drive or a hike along the River Mountain Trail. This takes in the area of the Hoover Dam in the Lake Mead National Recreation area. It is well worth a visit.

You might also want to consider visiting the Lion Habitat Ranch, which houses lions and other exotic animals. It is a great stop for you and your family and a welcome deterrent from the casinos.

Regardless of the direction you look, you will find that Henderson offers everything that you need for a vacation. In fact, you may enjoy your stay so much that you decide to pull up stakes and call the city your home.

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