Why Would You Consider Henderson for Your Home?

When it comes to choosing a place to live, you certainly have a wide range of options. Regardless of where you are looking on the map, you will find something interesting about the area. There are certain locations, however, that lend themselves to comfortable living and Henderson, Nevada is one of those locations. In fact, when you find out more about the city, you might just be ready to pack up and move to the location.

The city of Henderson is located approximately 16 miles to the southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. That makes it very convenient to get into the city, but it is interesting that Henderson is the second largest city, so you certainly are not without options. It falls within the metropolitan area of Las Vegas itself and offers many convenient options to those who want to live there.

One of the things that are of concern to many people who are considering making a move is security. You will be happy to know that the city was ranked as the second safest within the United States according to Forbes magazine. Even Bloomberg has named it one of the best cities in America to live. If you are looking for a safe place to live, you certainly can look toward this area.

The elevation of the city is also something to consider. It is at 1,330 feet, which is a comfortable elevation for most people. The climate is classified as a hot desert area, so the summers are fairly hot and the winters are relatively mild. If you’re able to put up with the heat of the summer, you certainly will be rewarded by the time November rolls around. There is some concern with rain, however, because the summer monsoons can bring in considerable thunderstorms and the potential for flash flooding.

When it comes to entertainment, there are also many options available for those who choose to move to Henderson. If you enjoy going to the movies, there are some theater complexes and like most people, you will appreciate shopping at some of the large shopping malls. There are also plenty of restaurants and even some casino resorts, which can help to give you a staycation that is luxurious and loads of fun. With all of this and more, the area of Henderson is one that should not be overlooked when it comes to places to live.

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